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The demand for curved cupboard doors has hit the industry and we are more than ready to satisfy that need.

We can make curved doors to match almost every cupboard known to the cupboard industry. Our range of curved doors include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Floor Units with Doors. (from 300mm wide to 1200mm wide. Max H=1100mm)

  • Floor Units with Drawers. (from 450mm wide to 1200mm wide. Max H=450mm/drawer)

  • Floor Corner Units – Concave. (masx H=1100mm)

  • Tall Floor Corner Units – Concave. (max H=2300mm)

  • Wall Corner Units – Concave. (max H=1100mm)

  • Floor End Units

  • Wall End Units

  • Circular Isle Units. (dia 600 / 800mm), 360deg or segmented

  • Concave & Convex doors combined to from “Wave”

Please Note:

  • When considering curved doors, please consult the office for exact specifications referring to height, width, depth & applicable radius. The most common mistake made by contractors is to cut the shelves to a random radius and hope Limpopo Doors have a matching mould. We recommend cutting the shelves to match the door instead. When the project does not allow this delay, rather bring the shelves to Limpopo Doors for cutting.
  • Because of natural materials used during production, we cannot guarantee the fastness of radii quoted. However, the procedures we use ensure very good results. 
  • Most curve Doors will be supplied without any design on the doors face.
  • Please consult your hinge supplier for the most suitable hinge to use for a specific application.


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